This project began with drawing architectural elevations, plans and sections for a small 5 x 5 inch object. I then created a three dimensional room by abstracting the object drawings. This space has four apertures, and two circulations at two different scales. Considering the spatial principles of the room, I designed a Civic Center for the South Boston community in collaboration with the Urban Design studios at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

Civic Center:

South Boston

The Civic Center includes a planetarium, which triples as a performance/meeting space for the community, medium size rooms for gatherings, and private rooms for meditation, etc. The space also offers indoor bike paths which wrap around the sphere, exiting into the surrounding park.

Year: Summer 2018

Location: Harvard University Graduate School of Design

Coursework: Design Discovery

Design by: Paddy MM

Status: Conceptual

2021 © Paddy Mittag-McNaught