paper, found objects

When my senior year of college was cut short because of COVID19, I lost access to the studio spaces which I was working. No print shop, wood shop, ceramics studio, or anything. So I turned to the objects around me - grocery bags, wrappers, newspaper, cardboard boxes, etc. and began cutting them up with an exacto blade, arranging compositions, and gluing them in my sketchbook. These collages became almost architectural - with no subject in mind, they were just compositions of materials.


I called this series "Connections" as I thought of literal connections between edges and forms in the compositions, but also because I was thinking about my personal connections. Friends, family, jobs, plans - all taking an unexpected turn toward an unknown future. All collages are 6x6 on 9x9 paper.

Status: On going

Date: Spring 2020

Location: Minneapolis, MN