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Iterating Arcs

cedar, poplar

This project is an extension of the arcs and bends used in my large wall pieces in the gallery show "Form & Material." I laminated around 35 cedar arcs, and bent around 40 freeform poplar pieces. With an empty gallery and the low winter light, I iterated thinking about the large space, light and shadow. Each bend is modular - it is a component of a larger piece.

Iterating Arcs further explores the gallery space, utilizing the scale of the ceiling, and the low, winter sun that shines through the south facing rectangular windows. From morning to night, the works take on new meaning as the light climbs across the floor, spotlighting different moments in the sculpture, creating dramatic shadows. The material is challenged by the form, and the form is challenged by the light. The light creates dynamic shadows, while the gallery floor reflects the arcs and bends, giving the form and material more dimensions of presence. 

Crisp shadows. South facing rectangular windows let in the shadows of the trees. The bends are extensions of the tree forms. They are a nice conversation between free form and rigid form. 

Status: Complete

Date: Fall 2020

Type: Artist Residency

Location: Groot Gallery, Northfield, MN

All photography and post-production by me