After a long last several months, Violence/Recreation is a series responding to the recent and historical violence on identity, democracy, BIPOC citizens, and cityscapes. For this series, I created 25 one pound slabs of stoneware clay and iterated compositions by making a physical mark with my hands and feet, then shooting the clay with a pistol. I then cut up the slabs, and rearranged them into new compositions.

The recent triggers in Minneapolis of military helicopters flying low, National Guard humvees, militarized police with riot gear and assault rifles, looting, shooting, fire and ashes, I turned to my past studies of Frantz Fanon to rationalize and understand the violence. Fanon once said "Violence is man re-creating himself." Through this series, I am recomposing a physical impression of violence to create a new object. This act not only reflects the recreation happening city-wide, and nation-wide as I write, but the process of recreation within me - a young white male who freshly graduated from a fancy liberal arts college - exploring ways to leverage his privilege for a common good.

Below are polaroids I shot from the process. The 25 slabs are waiting to be fired, raw body, in the soda kiln.

Status: In progress

Date: Fall 2020

Type: Artist residency

Location: Minneapolis, MN

All photography and post-production by me