9 x11 NYC Studio

NYC is a busy ass place. If you can't keep up with the pace, you will be trampled. It is also a crowded ass place. If you don't find a little space to call 'home,' it will feel alienating and aggressive. "The city fights back" my friend John would always say - which is why having a place of your own, a sanctuary within the madness - is a matter of principle importance. So when I was asked to design a fully functioning photography studio within 99 square feet of a bedroom, the division between work and relaxation was crucial to my design.

All the necessary equipment for developing, enlarging, and scanning photographs can be stored on rolling carts housed below a countertop under a lofted bed. There is also flat storage, drying racks, and deep storage for tripods, light reflectors, and other camera equipment. When the work is all finished, everything is put away and the sanctuary is restored.

Status: In progress

Date: Fall 2020

Type: Commission

Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn NYC