56th & DuPont

fond-du-lac stone, cedar

For 2 seasons I worked as a stone mason & carpenter for a landscape design/build company. Our magnum opus project during the 2019 season was building a stone retaining wall, cedar fence, and patio space for a family in south Minneapolis. It was a long, hot summer and each day brought a new set of challenges, lessons, and beauty. When it was all said and done, we had mixed and poured over 3 tons of concrete, built over 180 feet of a weather-edged Fond du Lac stone wall, and a total 200+ feet of a cedar fence around the property. 

Coming from this background in hardscape construction, I developed a masochistic love for hauling wood, lifting stones, digging holes, and tamping base in the hot sun. In many ways, I try to capture this love of process in my art. I like when my artwork makes me break a sweat. In my works to come, between 

coordinating deliveries from the lumber yard, milling cedar, construction pine, poplar, walnut, ect., designing strategies and bending forms, bending wood, sanding wood, staining wood, and installing the pieces with a lift, I have broke many sweats. 

Status: Complete

Date: Summer 2019

Type: Work

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Collaborators: Joe Kyle, Nathan & Josh Arvold

All photography and post-production by me

2021 © Paddy Mittag-McNaught