white pine, walnut, popular

What is a V STOOL? Simply put, it is what it is. It is 4 wood slabs that are anchored together by two wood butterfly joints, all to support 2 wood surfaces, concaving inward towards a void. A thick wood dowel spans the void, connecting each side. There are no screws, and no glue. As a singular object, in its own right, it might resemble a stool. Its short, stubby, fat, and sturdy enough to support a human body. In multiples, V STOOLs run long and stack tall. They angle, open, close; bending, and shaping space. They could tower over your head, or they could be 1/4 of your height. 

Their thick mass filters light, casting angular silhouettes, ghosts on the very pavement at your feet; where you might stand, or sit, hand in hand, contemplating how the meaning of one object can be completely transformed when it finds itself surrounded by many of the very same objects.


All V STOOLs were sold, and more than $2000 was raised for Colloqate Design, a group promoting justice through design.

Status: Complete

Date: Spring 2020

Type: Coursework, Studio Art Thesis

Location: Flaten Art Museum, Northfield, MN

Photography: Peter McCrea Hokenson