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V STOOL is a portable, modular ​stool with no screws, nails or glue. It can be taken on the go, collapsing to fit in a tote bag, or backpack, and can be reassembled anywhere to sit. 

With multiple V STOOLs, one can create a bench for group seating. When finished, the stools can be broken down, carried away with the carrying dowel, or stacked and stored. The stacked V STOOLs create a unique, artful facade.

axon assembled vstool-01.png
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To engage the community, the V STOOL will begin 2020 by hosting pop-up events open to the public. In addition to being able to purchase tees and V STOOLs, these pop-ups will invite artists from the community to display and sell their work. All posters for the pop-ups will be collaborative with local graphic designers, and local bands will play music.

V STOOL's goal is to foster connections between artists, and the greater community. 

abstract_vstool transparency #1-01.png
abstract_vstool poster-01.png
abstract_vstool poster yellow 2-01.png

Poster drafts in collaboration with Eamonn Stanton

Year: Spring 2019 - Present

Group: Personal Project

Designed and built by: Paddy MM

Collaboration with: Eamonn Stanton

Photos by: Marcel Honnes, Paddy MM

Modeled by: friends of the VSTOOL

Status: Work in Progress